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Helen Russell - Sponsors

To become one of Helen’s sponsors and raise your profile amongst the sporting and triathlon community email info@hrussell.co.uk.

Terralta Apartotel Benidorm
Warm weather training is an important part of Helen’s yearly schedule. This year Helen is being supported by the Terralta Apartotel Benidorm, which she uses as her winter training base. Situated at the foothills of the Marina Mountains, the Terralta is the ideal location for cyclists and triathletes. The apartments are cycle friendly and a great place to meet other cyclists to ride and socialise with. Due to some of the best cycling routes and mountain climbs in Europe the Costa Blanca is a favourite destination of the pro cyclists and triathletes. The Terralta offers an indoor pool and gym equipped with cardio and weights equipment. Benidorm running track is behind the hotel and the municipal 25m pool is within walking distance. Located just 1km from the beach, the year round temperatures means that sea swimming is possible. A training holiday at the Terralta means you can really live the life of a pro during your stay!

Website: http://www.apartamentos-terralta.com/en

Ciclo Costa Blanca/Meta Bike Cafe
Helen is joining forces with Ciclo Costa Blanca and Meta Bike Cafe this winter to get the most out of her off season training. Ciclo Costa Blanca will be providing Helen with a high quality bike to cover the winter miles in the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Based in Albir, just 3km from Benidorm and within easy reach of Alicante and Valencia airports, Ciclo Costa Blanca offers the chance to train on the roads where the pros spend their winters. Based at the foot of the beautiful mountains of the Marina, a stay with Costa Ciclo Blanca offers the opportunity to ride up numerous mountain climbs, along scenic coastal routes and experience the real rural Spain of quiet rustic villages. But the area isn’t just a mecca for cyclists-with local 25m swimming pools, a nearby running track and costal off road runs, it is also a great training base for triathletes. It is for this reason that Helen trained with Ciclo Costa Blanca in winter 2012 and 2013 and will be returning in 2015. Ciclo Costa Blanca offers a range of hotel and apartment accommodation packages for single riders to large groups packages, including guided or self-guided options. In 2015 Ciclo Costa Blanca will be offering Canondale carbon bike hire.

The newly opened Meta Bike Cafe has fast become the cycling hub of Albir and provides not just pre, during and post ride refreshments but is also a base for cyclists looking to hire bikes, get bikes serviced, repaired and built, exchange route ideas, get a much needed post ride massage, join in free shop rides or just have a drink whilst watching the cycling on the widescreen TV. Helen will be spending many an hour here recovering and sharing ideas with other keen cyclists and triathletes.

Helen will be staying with Ciclo Costa Blanca clients at the Terra Alta Apathotel in Benidorm, which is equipped with a gym and indoor swimming pool-an ideal base for triathletes.

If you want to join Helen on some rides in the Costa Blanca or want to find out more about the packages offered by Ciclo Costa Blanca check out their web sites below.
Websites: http://www.ciclocostablanca.com/ or http://www.metabikecafe.com/
Rivers Fitness
Helen is pleased to have teamed up with Rivers Fitness who are delighted to sponsor her multi-sport ambitions. To support her training needs Helen will have access the leisure centres within Wychavon (Droitwich, Evesham and Pershore) which will enable her to use the excellent facilities on offer from the 25 metre pools, state of the art Rivers gyms, a great selection of classes and the health suites to aid her recovery after hard sessions.

To find out more about Rivers Fitness log onto their website: www.wychavonleisure.co.uk
Scimitar Sport
Helen is delighted to be part of the Scimitar Team this year. Based locally to Helen in Worcester, Scimitar are the go-to brand for custom sportswear, sublimated shirts and custom promo items. Scimitar manufacture the highest quality custom sportswear for clubs, charities, corporate events and mass participation marathons, matches and sportives. The company has particular expertise in cycle wear, running wear, triathlon kit, rugby playing kit, American football uniforms and medium to large runs of bespoke run, cycle, charity and corporate event and fundraising shirts. Scimitar have provided Helen with custom made kit for the 2019 season.
Website: https://www.scimitarsports.com/
Established in 1981 as a lighting supplier, Unilite has grown into one of the world’s leading flashlight manufacturers in the global illumination market. Unilite produces head torches, which can be used for a variety of activities and in different leisure environments. Helen will be using a Unilite PS-HDL2 head torch for running and kayaking. The use of this quality head torch will mean that Helen can train at both ends of the day when it is dark, which opens up more opportunities to train and will also help to keep her safe during her workouts. Unilite is an industry trusted name, renowned for using advanced technologies to ensure a bright, long beam range and long battery life to help make training as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Website: www.uni-lite.com
Sweet Peaks
Helen has teamed up with Sweet Peaks to give her the energy to get around her long training rides and the Le Tour One Day Ahead Challenge. Sweet Peaks are top tasting energy sweets from the Outdoor Capital City of the UK, Sheffield. Crammed full of Energy (384 Kcal/100g) the great tasting, individually wrapped, sweets are great for a bike ride, run, walk in the hills or a stroll with the family. When you are feeling low on energy or when you know you are going to need a little extra to finish, have a Sweet Peaks Energy Sweet. The simple carbohydrates break down quickly to give you an energy burst when you need it. They are great to be eaten individually to give a quick energy boost as you need it or dissolve 2-3 in a sports water bottle for a pleasant tasting energy drink. Sweet Peaks are committed to supporting cancer charities and 1p from every bag sold goes to Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. For more information see www.sweet-peaks.co.uk or to purchase go to www.sweet-peaks-shop.co.uk
Helen is delighted to become an Amphibia Ambassador. Amphibia was born in 2010 and produces a variety of award winning race gear including dry mats, ring protectors, bags, scarfs and waterproof pouches-perfect for keeping mobile phones dry during training. After a successful appearance on ‘Dragons Den’ Amphibia has continued to spread around Europe and further afield, and also grow its portfolio of products. The success of the brand is largely due to the support of retailers and athletes who trust the brand and appreciate its functionality, innovativeness and affordability. Amphibia products are used by a variety of sportspeople including champion triathletes Gwen Jorgensen and Eimear Mullen.
Website: http://www.amphibia-sport.com/
Totally Wonderfuel
Helen is excited to team up with Totally Wonderfuel, who will be providing her with a range of natural energy bites and balls. Totally Wonderfuel was set up by fellow endurance athlete Mel Varvel, who has a passion for baking and natural nutrition. Totally Wonderfuel has a simple food philosophy: honest, healthy, wholesome, nutritious and delicious food to help you eat well and perform better. All products are bursting with nature's own superfoods such as fruits, seeds, nuts and oats, and natural wonderfuel like dietary nitrates in beetroot and caffeine in coffee. Packed with protein, crammed with carbohydrates, full of healthy fats, high in fibre and teeming with essential vitamins and minerals, Totally Wonderfuel products will provide Helen with fuel for the body and soul; energy without compromise.

Website: https://www.totallywonderfuel.co.uk/
Pulseroll- the leaders in vibration training and recovery are supporting Helen by providing her with a Vibrating Foam Roller. Pulseroll’s Vibrating Foam Rollers & Peanut Ball are great for reducing DOMS and increasing flexibility and are used by elite athletes and physiotherapists. Helen will be using the Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller to help aid her recovery and avoid injury. As a competitive athlete Helen knows the value of massage but can't always access a sports masseuse due to being on the move, travelling and cost. This is where Pulseroll comes in- as it is light and portable Helen will be able to get a deep tissue massage at any time! The Vibrating Foam Roller has four powerful speeds, which reduce next day training soreness, increase flexibility and mobility and improve circulation.

Website: https://pulseroll.com/
Helen helps to develop her core stability and flexibility and stay injury free by taking part in regular pilates classes at COOLpilates. COOLpilates studios, created by Andy Adamson, bring the immensely popular and versatile Pilates system of exercise to the heart of the city of Birmingham and to its leafy suburbs in Barnt Green. As centres of Pilates excellence the highly trained teachers offer the very best in personalised exercise regimes, specialising in private or semi-private tuition, with the option to join small group classes. Modern pilates has become a byword in the sphere of rehabilitation from injury and illness and so is practised by leading sports men and women who attribute their well-being to regular practice of Pilates. Pilates can also help a range of individuals wanting to tone their bodies or reassess their posture.
Website: www.coolpilates.co.uk
SportsCover Direct
Helen will have peace of mind when travelling and cycling overseas this year as she has travel insurance from SportsCover Direct. SportsCover Direct is the UK's leading and longest established online specialist sports insurance provider, supplying insurance to thousands of sportsmen and women a year. SportsCover Direct are recognised as a leading supplier of sports insurance policies and have built up an admirable reputation within the wider market. They are constantly committed to offering policies that are easy to understand and a service that is competent, fast and easy to access.

Website: https://www.sportscoverdirect.com/
Lucy Bee Coconut Oil
Lucy Bee is supporting Helen in the run up to her One Day Ahead Challenge. Helen will be using their extra virgin organic raw coconut oil. Coconut oil is a healthy, natural fat that works in harmony with the body. Lucy Bee’s unrefined, raw coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconuts and is of the highest quality. The oil can be used in cooking as a replacement for processed oils and as a natural beauty product on skin and hair, including as a make-up remover, mouthwash and deodorant. Helen needs the right kind of fuel and a diet rich in natural, nutritious foods and so will be adding the coconut oil to her diet to help keep her healthy and to be able to push her body to its peak performance. She might even try it out as a conditioning treatment for her wild trademark curly hair!

Website: https://www.lucybee.co/  
Mint - Ease
Helen has recently discovered the benefits of using Mint-Ease before and after her competitions. Mint-Ease is a mint-based cream which increases blood circulation when rubbed into the skin, producing a deep and lasting soothing warmth. When rubbed into the skin Mint-Ease produces an initial cooling effect followed by a deep lasting and soothing warmth. This effect is due to the increased blood circulation and analgesic action promoted by the mint oil, very similar to having a good massage. This means that Mint-Ease can be used before an event to help warm up and also post event to help muscle recovery after exercise or to help long term recovery.

Mint-Ease is a natural product sold without medicinal claims. It contains pure ethereal Mint Oil extracted from the plant Mentha Arvensis and is produced to British and European Pharmacopoeial standards. The oil is refined to obtain a natural purity without the need for additives and has a high menthol content. The result is that blood flow can be promoted immediately and therefore its benefits, wherever it is needed- perfect to help triathletes muscles, including Helen's, pre and post event to ensure she get the best results possible.
Website: www.mint-ease.co.uk
Bromsgrove Chiropractic Clinic
Helen receives regular chiropractic treatment from Bromsgrove Chiropractic Clinic. Triathlons place an unusual amount of strain on the back and structural system and therefore Helen has treatment to help to avoid injury and enhance the recuperative process after the stress of training and competitions.

Chiropractic is a primary health-care profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves of the body, particularly those of the spine. Treatment consists of a wide range of manipulative techniques designed to improve the function of the joints, relieving pain and muscle spasm. Chiropractic treatment isn't just for sports people though- everyday life puts the body under stress and therefore treatment will benefit everyone.

Bromsgrove Chiropractic Clinic is a member of the British Chiropractic Association, the largest and longest established association for chiropractors in the UK.

Free Complimentary assessment appointments, refer to website or phone for details.

Website: www.bromsgrove-chiropractic.co.uk
Telephone: 01527 831467
Elagen Sport
Elagen Sport offer a range of supplements geared specifically towards individuals who regularly put their bodies under considerable stress, which has made it very popular in the triathlon community across the world. As an 'adaptogen' Elagen Sport helps the body recover and adapt to the stresses and strains of training and may help to maintain a healthy immune system. Helen first came across Elagen after winning a supply at the Rugby Triathlon. Helen works full time as well as following an intensive training programme and this can take its toll on the body. Helen feels that with her busy lifestyle Elagen Sport is essential to helping her to keep healthy and boost her immune system.
Website: www.elagen.com



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